While Ali’s work with the SOS village was initially fueled by the motivation for inter-disciplinary science and cross-species validation of his results with Prof. Isabelle Mansuy on the mouse model of early life trauma, it soon blossomed into a very strong bond with the compassionate administration of the SOS village Pakistan and the amazingly courageous children residing there.

Despite being separated from their loved ones rather early in their lives, these courageous souls are full of love, compassion, and energy.

Hence, Ali spends a lot of time with children in the SOS village, be it celebrating his birthday or convincing all his friends and loved ones to join him in this endeavor.

Ali has also been fund-raising together with his wonderful friend for the SOS village. In 2017, Ali and friends sponsored food, lodging, and educational expenses for the whole year for 15 children living in the SOS village Pakistan. In 2018, thanks to the amazing involvement of Ali’s friends Ladan, Kristina, Darren, Niha, Rahel, Stefan, and Chiara, who helped in organizing a heart-warming fund-raiser, and generous online contributions of 30+ donors from 14 different countries, this was expanded to 70 children from the SOS villages in Lahore, Islamabad, and Multan.

If you would like to donate the ongoing fund-raiser for 2019, please follow the link: https://www.gofundme.com/helping-children-with-trauma